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The car companies are competing hard to capture the maximum share in the market. Earlier the companies were competing to come out with the diesel versions of the already existing petrol versions as the demand for diesel cars had risen in the past few months. Hyundai came out with santro xing diesel, General motors launched Chevrolet beat diesel and Maruti Suzuki introduced swift diesel. Then came the marketing strategies, the companies came out with schemes to lure the customers. Fiat started “diesel at the price of petrol”. Honda reduced the prices of Honda Jazz by1.76lacs. Mercedes lured customers with price cuts and low interest rates. Volkswagen started financing Vento at 6.99%.

Now the companies are promoting their cars through the mileage factor. Tata has launched the new version of indica, the indica eV2 and is claiming it to be the most fuel efficient car. According to ARIA (Automotive research association of India) the diesel version of indica eV2 will give a mileage of 25kmpl. It is the most fuel efficient car in India in the hatchback segment till now. It is equipped with CR4 common rail diesel engine which is very fuel efficient and generates a power of 70bhp. This diesel engine is less noisy as compared to previous ones. Indica eV2 will be available in 2 variants, petrol and diesel. The petrol version is very low priced, starting from 2.95lacs and going upto 3.95lacs and diesel version will be available between 3.90lacs to 4.80lacs. The diesel version is also featured with tachometer. The prices of fuel are touching the sky day by day and the distances are getting longer day by day so this is an answer to all the problems.

On the other hand General motors had launched beat diesel around a week back. The company calls it “The smarter diesel” and an inexpensive car in the hatchback segment. They say “leave behind the worries of petrol costs, ignore the long queues of fuel stations, pass by every milestone on the road because the new beat diesel is here” in other words they say “India drive khulke”. This slogan can be seen on Chevrolet India website and in the advertisements shown through various channels. This car is loaded with 1.0XSDE smartech engine which promises a mileage of 24kmpl for really long drives that is for a khulke drive and brings back the pleasure of long drives. It is competitively priced at 4.29lacs quite low in the hatchack segment if compared to ford figo, maruti ritz etc. It is distinctively featured with the new electronic power steering replaced for the hydraulic one for excellent vehicle control and the gas shock absorbers or the gas shocks which ensure good ride and less jerk impact on rough and bad roads. The company also ensures the effortless maneuvering and optimum vehicle control. Chevrolet beat diesel proves to be a good competition for other brands in the hatchback segment. The company also offers a 3 year/100000km (which ever is earlier) warranty to ensure complete peace of mind.

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This article was published on 2011/09/01