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Diesel is a corporation that has built its reputation on its clothing line and collections.

They're called the it's ok to be dumb company, do not think just be and wear their denims, shoes and accessories. They have put out daft videos and become a backroom phenomenon. Diesel makes clothes and accessories for men ladies and kids. The newest thing they have made is their Diesel Jewelry collection, it consist of rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Diesel Jewellery

Diesel has stunning necklaces for men like the silver chrome steel with dog tags, rings punctured with silver stain Mohican symbols, punctured punched out shining chrome steel disc lay black leather 2 tone necklace, bracelets with 1K bit silver black IP and leather. There also are female necklaces and earrings with gothic leading edge features, cut out handcuffs with satin finishes, rings with heavy metal rock n roll perspective and rounded studs. Chained up multichain bracelets and necklaces for women and men. This collection goes from $100 and up in cost.

Diesel Collections

Diesel carries Denim, footwear, bags, accessories and get up for men women and kids. Diesel is known for their jeans and elegant rugged watches. Diesel is an Italian design company that was started in 1978 by 1996 it opened up it s first flagship store in NYC and by 2007 it launched its beachwear collection. It has several collections, Diesel main line, Diesel Black Gold the casual luxury collection which was launched in 2007. There is the Diesel Kids collection, the Diesel denim limited edition, licensed eyewear collection and jewellery and fragrance collections. Diesel collections are now in almost every upscale retail outlet that exists in the market today.

Youth Direction

The Diesel collections were originally geared toward the young generation the fast loose and fun generation. The jeans were meant for the young crowd and the statement was out there and playful. The collections soon began to recognize that adults wanted in on the action and that kids had a voice too. So now there is the collection for women, men and kids, everything from clothing to fragrance and jewellery. The jewellery collection makes a big statement it represents the rough and tough rugged male and the strong female, the stainless steel is sleek and ominous and it stands out to make a statement. Some of the pieces can cost less than $100 if they can be found on sale. They are a collector's item and there are no two pieces exactly alike. Make a statement and dare to be different is what Diesel stands for.


Diesel Jewellery stands for change, difference, unique and strong. It is worn by the youth of America and they have joined with the adults to make their denims, accessories and fragrances one of a kind. Necklaces with dog tags, Mohican symbols, perforation, black leather and gothic design are the new wave of what is now and a must have. This collection is something that can be rough yet elegant, classy yet fun, organized yet scrambled, it represents all that we are an all that can be achieved. The design and the creativity is like


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Fashion Jewellery by Diesel

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This article was published on 2010/12/02