Diesel - Making a Comeback

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Diesel engines have been around for quite some time. Trucks and cars in Europe have been using diesel fuel to get around efficiently and effectively and the U.S. market has even taken apart by buying these diesel engines. However, that engine has never been the American consumer's first choice. In the changing market of the twenty-first century, a new diesel product is emerging that offers some promise as far as a cleaner and more efficient alternate to gasoline.

The new diesel fuel ultra-low sulfur contains 97% less sulfur than the diesel fuel. It also produces lesser emissions. New technology has been created to reduce the noise and engine vibrations so the diesel engine runs smoother, quieter and runs better in cold weather. This new technology provides more power, better acceleration and the engine is much more fuel efficient.

It looks like this new diesel technology has caught on in the auto industry. Nissan and Honda have even said that they will bring 4 cylinder models to the states in the next couple of years. Audi has the Q7 SUV diesel, and Chrysler is selling diesel engine SUV's. Hyundai is bringing a SUV diesel to the U.S. market as well. Ford and GM have no plans to sell their diesel products in the states now, but with the challenges that those companies are facing in the U.S. marketplace, it's safe to say they will probably take another look at that decision.

Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen have been producing and selling diesel engines for years, and now BMW has introduced a 580 mile per tank, 4 cylinder efficiency, V-8 diesel engine. The 2009 BMW 335d is a Diesel Sport Sedan that is getting some great reviews about its performance. This car's engine has a sequentially operated turbocharger, which acts like a second barrel on a double pump carburetor. This diesel is not the diesel of yesterday; it's capable of 155mph, 0 to 60 in 6.0 seconds, and it has 428 lb.-ft of torque. That beats its 335i gas model hands down. The combined fuel economy is 35.1 mpg versus 25.6 mpg for the 335i. This BMW model not only offers great fuel economy but has all ear marks of a fast sport sedan.

Diesel is making a comeback in the market, because the technology is moving along with the demands of the consumer. It is a viable alternate to gas and as we all know the more alternatives we can create to alleviate our dependence on oil and gas, the better off we are.

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Diesel - Making a Comeback

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This article was published on 2010/03/27